The Zapp is marketed as a lightweight stroller with an extremely compact fold. In these respects it certainly meets expectations, however its brilliance is the way it does so without compromising other features.

In fact the Zapp is a superb stroller to steer and despite its lack of recline feature has a generous and comfortable seat. It is a great choice for anyone who needs a compact stroller, or just for anyone who appreciates a quality stroller that is a dream to push.

Model Reviewed:Zapp 2005
Overall Rating:
(4.5 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Annabel

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Seat design and function

The Zapp has a good, large comfortable seat that does not recline. It has a small amount of padding underneath but is mostly a slung seat. It supports a child's body well, allowing enough give for comfort yet enough support to ensure a child does not slouch. My one year can sleep quite comfortably in the seat without her head rolling forward. My nearly four year old is equally comfortable in the seat.

The seat will accommodate a child to 20kg or 44lb.

Back Of Seat


Footwell Side View

Footwell Side View

Child safety harness

The Zapp harness does up by first slotting the two clips from the shoulder straps together, and then clicking this as one unit into the crotch buckle. This is simple enough when a child is sitting quietly in the stroller however this could be quite difficult with an older child struggling against you.

First Step To Do Up Harness

Harness Done Up

First Step To Do Up Harness

Hood or Canopy

The hood on the Zapp is quite substantial for such a lightweight stroller. It provides decent coverage of the seat and springs into place easily. The hood has a viewing window at the top which is easy to see through and windows on each side for a child to see through.

Viewing Window

Hood Up

Hood Fully Extended

Hood Fully Extended

Handle design and function

The handles on the Zapp are a good height and comfortable to use.




There is no storage space at all on the Zapp. It is possible to tie a lightweight stroller bag over the back to keep a small amount of goods in. This should still enable the Zapp to be folded however be careful as it is prone to tipping backwards with anything but the smallest load hung like this.


At 14.5cm or 5.7in the wheels are a really good size for such a compact stroller. They are much wider than a normal stroller wheel (5cm or 2in) which helps the Zapp to go over terrain that similar sized strollers do not cope as well with.

The wheels are made of hard plastic and are relatively noisy over the pavement. They make a clickety clack noise that takes a bit of getting used to.

The front wheel is easily locked and all three wheels can be quickly and easily removed.

Front Swivel Wheel.

Back Wheel.

Back Wheel.


The brakes on the Zapp are easy to use and effective at keeping the stroller still. To apply the brakes you simply push down on the red pedal over the right wheel. To release you push down the grey pedal on the left wheel.

Wheel Brakes

Wheel Brakes

Fold mechanism

The Zapp is easy enough to fold and unfold, although a bit of practice doesn't hurt to start off with!

To fold you push the two buttons labeled 1 and 2 located either side of the seat. The buttons do not have to be pushed simultaneously -the first button will stay depressed until the second is pressed -however the stroller frame needs to be pushed a little after pushing the second button and so the fold does require two hands. The next step is to push the 3rd button, located under the seat, with your foot. The stroller then collapses in one fluid motion. The trick is pushing the 3rd button at the right angle. To start with I found it easier to bend down and use my hand. Once you have the knack though the fold is very quick and easy.

To unfold bring the 3rd button back up towards you and click it into place. Then press the buttons either side of the seat to bring the handles up and click them in place.

Fold Button

First Step To Unfold

Third Fold Button


The Zapp is an absolute dream to push. It steers one handed even with a 14kg/31lbs child on board and will push with one finger on a smooth surface. It actually took me some time get used to the way the Zapp glides so effortlessly -I kept having to chase after it! Definitely use the brakes outside as a the wind will push this stroller across the car park.

The Zapp has a fantastically tight turning circle and is perfect to weave in and out of the aisles at the shops. It handles well outside too and while it stopped dead in sand the Zapp handled gravel and bluestone fairly well.


Quinny claim that the Zapp is the smallest folded pushchair in the world. It certainly has a great compact fold that allows the Zapp to go in places a typical stroller could not, e.g. on board an aeroplane as carry on baggage, inside a supermarket trolley, in the foot well of a car or on the back of a bicycle.

Despite the hype the Zapp is not necessarily the best lightweight stroller for everyone. The Zapp weighs 6kg which is lightweight by most stroller standards, however it is still nearly 2kg heavier than the Maclaren Volo. The width of the wheel base is 59cm which is also 11cm wider than the Volo.

I needed to fold the Zapp to get onto a bus as it was too wide to get in with my daughter still seated. The Zapp fold is much shorter but also much wider than most strollers and it was a little awkward trying to manage my ticket whilst carrying the Zapp under one arm and my one year old under the other. On the bus it is much easier for me to have a stroller I can lift straight on with my daughter inside, or a much lighter stroller with a more slender fold that I can more easily manage with one hand.

In the case of the Zapp the slight inconvenience is easily outweighed by its great performance once off the bus.


The Zapp comes with its own carry bag and rain cover. Carseat converter clips to use with the Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat are also included.

A Footmuff is available to purchase separately. Also available separately is a bike carrier.

Car Seat Converters Slide Into Place Once Hood Is Detached.

Car Seat Converters Slide Into Place Once Hood Is Detached.


The Zapp is a very enjoyable stroller to use. It steers and handles exceptionally well, has a good hood and a large comfortable seat.

The Zapp is by no means the lightest stroller on the market however its compact fold make it versatile and well suited for travel. It more than makes up for its wider wheelbase with it handling and comfort.

The Pros

  • Great steering
  • Handles different terrain well for a lightweight stroller
  • Compact fold
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Good hood
  • Good brakes

The Cons

  • No storage whatsoever
  • Wider wheelbase than other lightweight strollers on the market
  • Up to 2kg heavier than other lightweight strollers on the market
  • Can tip backwards with a small amount of weight hung over the handles