The Nuna Pepp has hit Australian shores with a splash! This uber lightweight, stylish stroller is designed to think of everything. With a compact fold, complete recline, storage basket and easy one-handed push, the Pepp has certainly earned its Gold Medal in the category of Best Pushchair in the U.K.’s prestigious Mother and Baby Awards for 2011/12.

Model Reviewed:Pepp 2012
Overall Rating:
(4.0 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The Nuna Pepp stroller has a firm seat base and backing, covered in a soft wipe clean fabric. The seatback lays back to an almost flat recline for the sleeping baby by unzipping the two sets of zippers on either side of the back of the seat. For a semi-recline, undo only one set of zippers. To raise the seat upright again, simply zip the zippers up.

Seat dimensions:
Seat Back - 40cm
Clearance to Hood - 63cm
Width – 30cm wide at mid point
Seat Depth - 24cm
Footwell - 23cm
Seat Weight Limit - 18kg

Seat Fully Upright

Seat Partially Reclined

Seat Fully Reclined

Child safety harness

The harness of the Pepp is a soft light fabric that feels lovely and gentle on the skin rather than the traditional 'seat-belt' style belting. There are three harness height settings, easily and simply adjusted by rethreading the harness through whichever loop on the back of the seat is required. The harness buckle is a 5 piece locking set and can be a little fiddly.

To engage the harness slide the locking piece from the shoulder through the slot of the top of the locking piece from the waist and click into the crotch buckle – then again on the other side. This 5 piece locking set could be frustrating to connect with a tantrumming toddler, however I had no issues using it. It would also be beneficial in some circumstances to have the 5 piece locking set, such as when moving a sleeping baby its easier to not disturb them as the entire harness can be removed from their body without having to thread arms through straps etc.

To open the harness, press the centre of the crotch buckle. For the older child, the harness can be used as a 3 point harness with only the waist and crotch buckles in use.

Harness Tabs

Harness Step 2

Harness Step 1

Hood or Canopy

The Pepp is designed to be used indoors on a flat or paved surface, and as such the canopy is perfectly suitable for this use. If the small shade from the canopy is not enough an additional pop-out sunshade visor folds out from the front of the canopy for further protection.

Hood Extended

Hood Extended With Visor Open

Handle design and function

The handle on this stroller sets it apart from other typical strollers on the market. The Pepp offers a completely adjustable telescopic handle that allows even the tallest of users to push it comfortably. To adjust the handle, locate the locking clips on either side of the stroller chassis and release each clip by pulling it backwards. The handle will now be unlocked and can be pulled out to the desired height. To secure the handle, lock the clips again by pressing them back into the chassis.

The ergonomically styled handle grip is made of a rubber which is grippy and comfortable.

Handle Upmost Height - 105cm
Handle Lowest Height - 95cm

Handle At Highest Setting

Handle At Lowest Setting

Handle Adjust Lever


The basket on the Pepp stroller is a reasonable size for a stroller. Most stroller baskets are quite innaccessible however the Pepp has a generous opening at the back, perfectly suitable for a nappy wallet and a bag of groceries.

Under Seat Basket


The front wheels of the Pepp offer progressive suspension technology in order to give a smooth, easy ride.

Swivel Front Wheels


The brake is a simple flick up, flick down design at the base of the back of the stroller. To engage the brake, press the lever down. To disengage, flick it back up. I found the brake to be responsive and easy to use in closed-toe shoes.

Brake Engaged

Brake Disengaged

Fold mechanism

To fold the Pepp, fold the hood down into the seatback. Lower the handle to the lowest position and lock into place. Then locate the two small levers on either side of the chassis. Pull these levers upwards and feel the top of the chassis 'click'. Then push the top of the seat back down towards the front wheels. To open again, lift the handle up and flick out the chassis.

Stands When Folded

Velcro Fold Lock

Fold Lever


As a four-wheel stroller with 'double' front wheels, I expected this stroller to be difficult to steer. Not so! The Pepp is ah-maaaazing to push. It simply glides across all flat surfaces. Easily one-handed, even with a child who is right on the weight limit!


The Nuna Pepp is a book-fold style stroller which does make it a tad larger than the traditional umbrella-fold. That said, when the Pepp is folded it is incredibly flat and very compact. It would be perfect for someone who needs something a bit sturdier than an umbrella-fold stroller, but only has a small amount of bootspace available.

Folded Dimensions – 73cm x 55cm x 26cm
Unfolded Dimensions – 95/105cm x 55cm x 84/74cm
Weight – 8.6kg


The Nuna Pepp has a range of accessories that are available for purchase separately such as:

  • Footmuff

  • Maxi Cosi capsule Adaptor
Travel Bag (back-pack style)


The Pepp has been an absolute pleasure to use the last few weeks. My daughter has been happy to sit in it (actually both the 3.5yo AND the 10mo!) and it is lightweight and easy to pop in the car. Its a lovely stylish stroller, that is a true one-handed push. As testimony to how compact this fabulous stroller is, readers will be intrigued to know that the Pepp travel bag even has back-pack straps!

The Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Compact

  • One-handed push

The Cons

  • Small storage basket

  • 5 point harness fiddly (though 3 point can be used)