The Valco Snap is the newest stroller to hit the lightweight market. Weighing in at only 6.2kg, with an oversized canopy, lay flat recline and travel system options, the Snap is sure to be a winner!

Model Reviewed:Snap 2012
Overall Rating:
(4.0 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The Snap seat is suitable from birth right through to the toddler years - my 3.5yo fits under the canopy with ease. The seat lays flat and has a mesh section at the back to increase ventilation through the stroller. The lightly padded seat is roomy and wide, whilst still maintaining a small footprint. To recline the seat an easy one-handed squeeze tab is located at the rear of the seat – squeeze the two prongs together and lower the seat to the desired position. To raise the seat back again simply pull the cord upwards.

Seat dimensions
Seat Back: 48cm
Clearance to Hood: 65cm
Width: 34cm
Seat Depth: 22cm
Footwell: 26cm
Seat Weight Limit: 20kg

Child safety harness

The Valco Snap features the same 5 piece harness that is adopted by Valco throughout the entire range. The harness height is simple to adjust by threading the shoulder buckle piece through the backrest harness slot and pulling out through whichever slot is required. To secure the harness, slide the shoulder buckle section across the top of the waist buckle section, then click into the crotch buckle – repeat on the other side. This harness is easy to use and fantastic for a sleeping baby.

Hood or Canopy

The canopy is generous and easily oversized. The standard black canopy that comes with the stroller has an expanding section that zips out, creating a lovely shaded airy space for your baby. An accessory canopy called the Vogue Hood can be purchased separately and is available in a range of colours.

Handle design and function

The handle is static with a comfortable grippy rubber handle. One of the fold buttons is located in the centre of the handle – this could interfere with one-handed pushing however I had no problems using this stroller one-handed.

Handle Height: 104cm


The storage basket on the Snap is well proportioned with the size of the stroller. It is certainly easier to access from the back of the pram rather than the sides and is inaccessible from the front. However, the basket is deceptively deep and can still hold 3 decent grocery bags.


The Valco Snap is available in a 3 or 4 wheel model – I was thrilled to test-drive the 3 wheel model and was impressed with how well it performed. The quick-release EVA tyres are responsive and light.


The brake is engaged by pushing down on the right side of the red brake lever, and disengaged by pushing back down on the left side. I did find on a couple of occasions where I hadn't unlocked the brake entirely there was a bit of a wheel 'bump' – however by pressing down again on the disengage brake side the wheel bump ceased.

Fold mechanism

To fold the Snap is simple – I suppose this is where the name comes from! Stand behind the pram and locate the grey circular button on the left of the chassis. Press the button in and then press the long grey lever button on the handle – the top of the handle will fold over top of the stroller, essentially folding it in half. To open again, locate the lock lever on the left side of the stroller and lift it, then flick the stroller out. I found this fold to be super easy and it could be done with one hand if needed.


This stroller is second-to-none when it comes to manouevrability and handling. I have genuinely been blown away with this fantastic stroller – its easy to push one handed with any weighted child in it and still pushed beautifully with my 20kg, 5yo in it.


The Snap has a fantastic small footprint that makes it perfect for quick trips to the shops or school/daycare drop off. What's more, this awesome lightweight stroller has an exceptionally tall seat back and the generous canopy provides plenty of coverage – even my 97th percentile 5yo fit under the canopy!

Folded Dimensions
81cm x 54cm x 31cm

Unfolded Dimensions
95cm x 54cm x 104cm


Toddler Seat

The Snap does not have a toddler seat but is available in a double called the Snap Duo.


The stroller doesn't come with any accessories of its own but a whole range are available to purchase separately including;

- Vogue Hoods

- Soft Bassinet/Cocoon

- Travel system adaptors for Babylove, Safe'n Sound & Maxi Cosi

- Universal rain cover

- Universal Sun Stopper

- EZ rider board

- SK8 board

- Stroller caddy

- Bevi Buddy/bottle holder

- Pram Bag

- Vogue Infant Bootie

- AllSorts Snug

- AllSorts Head Hugger and Seat pad


Overall the Valco Snap has been an amazing stroller to review – I've rediscovered Valco again and have confidence in the brand (especially since reviewing the Zee Spark as well!). The Snap is a simple, basic, book-fold, lightweight stroller that provides a budget-friendly option for parents.

The Pros

  • Generous canopy

  • One-handed push

  • Tall seat back

The Cons

  • Non-adjustable handle

  • Pump up tyres would make the ride even smoother