The Rozibaby pram is the latest stylish pram to be released by a new Australian designer. Named after the creator and his sister, the Rozibaby aims to reach a corner of the market who want an easily customised pram that is fun, vibrant and practical to use, and will last their child right through their pram-riding years without breaking the bank! Built from recyclable materials (up to 92% of the component parts can be recycled), earth-aware parents can push their pram knowing they have made an environmentally conscious decision with their purchase.

Model Reviewed:Rozibaby 2012
Overall Rating:
(3.5 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The seat of the Rozibaby can face both parent and out to the world and it is easily interchanged with bassinette fabrics using the same seat frame. To remove the bassinette/seat frame from the chassis slide the two large grey buttons on either side of the chassis.

In order to change the fabrics from bassinette to seat fabric, simply remove the canopy and bassinette apron and undo the ten velcro straps attaching it to the seat frame. To attach the seat fabrics, slide the seatback of the fabrics over top of the seat frame. Then hook the eyelets on either side of the seat base onto the hooks on either side of the seat fabric. The remaining velcro straps at the foot of the seat fabric can then be secured to the seat frame.

The seat has three recline positions and is a two-handed recline. To adjust the recline of the seat, slide the two small black levers on either side of the seat frame and tilt the seat to whichever angle is required.

Seat dimensions:
Seat Back: 54cm
Clearance to Hood: 60cm
Width: 63cm
Seat Depth: 25cm
Footwell: 24cm
Seat Weight Limit: 15kg

Seat Upright

Seat Partially Reclined

Seat Fully Reclined

Bumper Swings Open For Easy Access

Inside Bassinet

Child safety harness

The harness is a standard 5 point harness that is easy to adjust. However the waist straps are spaced very far apart at the front on the sides of the seat and it is extremely difficult to get a secure fit on a small baby (10 months old). This issue is being addressed by Rozibaby and the next shipment of prams will feature an improved harness.

Harness Strap Attachment Point

Rozibaby Harness

Hood or Canopy

The canopy of the Rozibaby features a lovely quilted finish on the inside with a soft canvas on the outer. Its a silent canopy and certainly won't wake up a sleeping baby. The hood rods are easy to remove from the seat frame with a simple squeeze of the grey button on either end of the rod. The thing I love most about the canopy is that it doesn't sag – no matter what you put on top of it! Perfect :)

Hood Fully Open

Hood Partially Open

Hood Closed

Handle design and function

The sample model I was provided with has a static handle. The grip has a sticky texture, which sounds odd and uncomfortable but is very grippy and soft to hold. I like a good grip! I believe the next model will have an adjustable handle which will be of huge benefit for those taller parents out there. At 5”10 I found the static handle height to be fine, but my 6”3 husband found it to be a touch low.

Handle Height: 103cm



The basket of the Rozibaby is generous – and deep! I could easily get 3 bags of groceries in there. It is attached to the chassis with velcro straps which are still easily going to hold a few kilos of shopping.

Under Seat Basket


When building your Rozibaby masterpiece, the user has the option of choosing either EVA rear tyres or air-filled rear tyres. My sample has air-filled rear rubber tyres with a stylish 5 point star shaped wheel. I was also given both the single front wheel and the double front wheel to trial the Rozibaby in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel modes. The front wheels are all EVA – no choice for a single-air filled front wheel is offered at this stage.

To exchange the front wheel from 3-wheel to 4-wheel mode, locate the grey button atop the front wheel locking piece at the front of the main chassis. The button will make a small clicking sound when the wheel has been disengaged from the hub. This button will release whichever wheel set is locked in and the user can swap their front wheels. To lock the front wheels, locate the small grey button inside of the front wheel hub and slide it downwards. Slide it back upwards to set back to swivel mode.

Double Front Wheel Option

Rear Air Filled Tyres

Wheel Release Button On Footrest

Single Front Wheel Option


The handbrake is located on the inside of the right hand side of the handle grip. It is an easily flick up and clicks three times to let you know that it has fully engaged. Sometimes a small shift of the back wheels is required in order to engage the brake – this isn't difficult but certainly something to keep in mind when using the brake. To release the brake press the large grey circular button located on the inside of the chassis.

Note: Brake Button Will Be Red On Production Model

Brake Engaged

Brake Disengaged

Fold mechanism

In order to fold the Rozibaby the seat or bassinette must first be removed from the chassis as it is a two piece fold. To remove the seat, squeeze the black rectangle buttons on either side of the chassis – the seat frame will release from the frame and can be removed. Next, pull the two black and silver levers on either side of the chassis at the handle bar up towards the bar and drop the handle down to the front of the pram over top of the front wheel to the ground. Then, squeeze the black cross bar in the middle of the chassis, pulling it towards yourself [at the back of the pram]. This will allow the pram rear wheels to collapse into the pram underneath the front wheel and handle bar. The pram will automatically lock closed.

To open the pram simply pull the levers on either side of the handle bar and flick the whole chassis out – it will click into place when it is secure and the seat or bassinette can then be replaced onto the chassis.

I found the fold to be very easy and straight forward in 3-wheel mode, but once in 4-wheel mode the handle doesn't fold down very well over top of the front wheels and I found the fold to be a bit chunkier.

Chassis Folded

Two Pieces Folded


The Rozibaby performs at its best when in 3-wheel mode. Its an easy one-handed push with a single wheel at the front in both bassinette and seat-mode. However in 4-wheel mode the pram immediately becomes a two handed push as the front wheels require a bit more control.


At 63cm wide the Rozibaby is a standard width for a full-sized single pram. The footprint is a fairly average size and whilst I couldn't get the pram through a standard checkout, the disabled one was always easy enough to get through.

Folded Dimensions

3 wheel – 14 x 63 x 38 cm
4 wheel – 22 x 63 x 40 cm

Unfolded Dimensions
103 x 64 x 85 cm



Rozibaby offer an enormous range of accessories that can be purchased to be used with the pram including: raincover, suncover, extra wheel sets, fleece footmuff, Maxi Cosi adaptors, diaper bag, travel bag as well as additional canopies, seat & bassinette fabrics, baskets and seat frames in order to customise your stroller to taste.

 I was able to use the raincover and fleece footmuff and have got to say how warm the footmuff was and how well-fitted the raincover is to the chassis.


Rain Cover



The Rozibaby is a welcome addition to the Australian pram market. The
innovative modular system means parents can choose features which suit
their needs and design a pram that is attractive and unique. We look
forward to seeing more from Rozibaby in the future!

The Pros

  • 2 piece fold makes it light weight

  • Bassinette is comfortable
  • Travel system compatibility

  • Option to convert from 3-wheel to 4-wheel mode and back again

  • Completely customisable fabrics

The Cons

  • Steering not brilliant in 4-wheel mode
  • Chassis fold in 4-wheel mode awkward

  • Seat harness not firm enough