The Phil and Teds Promenade is the newest convertible double pram to hit the Australian market. It has been designed with style and class in mind, catering to a wide market, from parents of singletons, twins, and two children of differing ages. The Promenade has a sleek appearance, set to cruise any promenade in its way.

Model Reviewed:Promenade 2012
Overall Rating:
(3.5 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The seat of the Promenade is unique, intelligently designed to cater from birth to toddlerhood. It begins as a sleeper bed, a lay-flat bassinette styled bed; then with the click of two buckles at the back, it converts easily to a comfortable spacious bucket seat. The footrest has various tilting positions for maximum comfort, and the bumper bar is a swing-away style.

Unlike Phil and Teds other models, the Promenade features a seat that can face the parent, or face the world. To have your seat facing parent, slot the included adaptors onto the sides of the pram chassis and slide the seat into the adaptors. To release the seat from the adaptors or regular chassis slots, locate the circular buttons on either side of the seat. Rotate the centre of the button towards the back of the seat and raise the seat from the chassis.

My only issue with the seat was the use of the included adaptors. Make sure you click them onto the chassis firmly with both hands, otherwise you may end up having them pop off the pram underneath your car in a car park full of muddy puddles (speaking from experience!) Trust me, once you’ve done this once you will know to secure them properly thereafter!

The seat has 3 recline angles, and the recline lever is located in the centre of the back of the seat frame. The maximum recline is required for the sleeper-bed mode.

Seat back – 45cm/18”
Clearance to hood – 54cm/21”
Width – 31cm/12”
Seat depth – 21cm/8.5”
Footwell – 14cm/5.5”

Seat Weight limits – 20kg in seat mode, 9kg in sleeper bed mode

Main Seat Upright Facing Out

Main Seat Fully Reclined

Main Seat Fully Reclined Rear Facing

Main Seat Upright Rear Facing

Footrest Up

Footrest Down

Sleeper Bed

Seat Recline Lever

Buckle To Convert Seat To Sleeper Bed

Twist To Remove Seat From Chassis

Child safety harness

The seat harness has 3 levels that the shoulder harness can be adjusted to. To adjust, push the black plastic oval shaped piece from the back of the seat, straight through the core to the front and then push back through the seat at the desired height.

The seat belt buckle of the harness is the standard Phil and Teds buckle, with a 3 piece locking set that is well padded and simple to use. Hold the top two red buttons down whilst pressing in the lower black clasps.

Hood or Canopy

The generous canopy has a built in peekaboo window and a zip-open mesh section for increased air flow. The sides of the canopy can slide up and down the seat frame to cater for taller children. I did find that when the canopy was further up the frame it didn’t sit properly when it was closed. Unlike all other Phil and Teds prams, the Promenade canopy is not a follow-the sun style.

Canopy Zipped Up

Canopy Unzipped

Peekaboo Window

Handle design and function

The sleek curved frame of the chassis continues through the handle into two height settings. I didn’t particularly find the height itself to be increased on the upper setting, just the length extension from the chassis. The handle can be shortened or lengthened by squeezing the long black button in at the centre of the handle.

Handle Upmost Height – 106cm/41.5”
Handle Lowest Height – 103cm/40.5”

Handle Fully Extended

Handle Fully Pushed In


The basket of the Promenade is fabulous. This pram offers a deep basket accessible from both the front and rear of the pram. When the double kit is in use the basket space is limited somewhat. At one stage I had the double kit reclined for my sleeping baby, and when she woke up I tried to raise the seat for her, but the basket was of course full and was blocking the seat from being raised. I had to empty the basket first before raising the seat.

Under Seat Basket


The Promenade offers suspension on the 8” front wheels for a smoother ride. The 12” rear EVA tyres are comfortable in shopping centres and flat surfaces, but weren’t quite so endearing on bumpy paving or grassy areas. That said, this pram is not designed for tackling all terrain – it was designed with urban living in mind, shopping centres, malls, footpaths etc.

Front Wheels

Front Wheel Locked


The brakes are a very easy flick down to engage and flick up to disengage and are flip-flop friendly.

Brake Disengaged

Brake Engaged

Fold mechanism

The fold of the Promenade is tricky, but with a bit of practise it is fine. The Promenade can fold with the main seat on the chassis forward facing. The bumper bar can be removed for a more compact fold.


The Promenade is a heavy pram to push, both indoors and out. It was slow to turn and not a one-handed push. The suspension on the front wheels certainly helped offer a smoother ride; though perhaps that is what made this pram feel like the wheels were constantly set to lock as they always pushed very straight and took a heavy push to swivel.


This pram is a full sized pram with a footprint to match. However, considered that the Promenade is effectively a double pram, the large footprint suddenly seems much smaller and much more within reason.

Folded Dimensions: (height x length x width)
43cm x 97cm x 65cm
17” x 38” x 25.5”

Unfolded Dimensions: (height x length x width)
103cm x 88cm x 65cm
40.5” x 34.5” x 25.5”

Weight – 13kg/28lb

Toddler Seat

One of the main features of the Promenade is the ease of which it can be used as a double pram. The double kit is sold separately and is an excellent accessory for the pram. Unlike the other Phil and Teds models, the Promenade double kit can be used easily from birth. Not only does it act as a seat for an older baby/toddler, but it has the ability to convert to a sleeper bed in the same fashion as the main seat. This makes it the very first inline Phil and Teds pram that can cater for twins from birth.

The double kit has three recline levels and is easily adjusted using a single lever at the back of the seat. I did find the double kit difficult to use when the basket of the pram was full. Because the double kit has a solid frame around the entire perimeter of the seat, I found that if the basket of the pram had too much in it the footrest of the double was not able to be tilted and reclined or inclined to the desired level. I had to empty the basket of the pram first before reclining and then reload it after setting the seat at the required angle.

Lower Seat Upright

Lower Seat Reclined

Lower Seat

Connector For Lower Seat


Promenade accessories are available to be purchased separately; these include the double kit, sunshade, rain cover, seat liner and cup holder.

Accessories Sold Separately


The Promenade is a beautiful sleek pram with an amazing curve through the chassis that is unique to this particular pram. I was disappointed with how heavy-handed I needed to be to push the pram on all surfaces, particularly surprised that it was still quite heavy on a smooth surface. However, the comfort of my baby is always paramount and the sleeper bed is such a fantastic feature. The adaptability of this pram with its array of seat set ups as well as the doubles option, makes it a versatile and practical option for any parent.

The Pros

  • Doubles Kit
  • Huge basket space
  • Sleeper bed option is brilliant

The Cons

  • Heavy to push
  • Rear-seat adaptors are fiddly
  • Not enough height adjustability on handle