The Pliko Switch is the newest incarnation of the old Pliko P3. Like its forerunner, the Pliko Switch provides outstanding performance, offering features such as a compact and lightweight fold, telescopic handles, and rear toddler step. The Pliko Switch also offers a reversible seat, a feature highly sought after by new parents. This stroller is packed with features – it really is one of the most practical choices on the market.

Model Reviewed:Pliko Switch Compact 2012
Overall Rating:
(3.5 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The design of the seat of the Pliko Switch is one of the most attractive features, as it boasts a plush, padded, reversible seat with a lay-flat recline, all in an umbrella fold stroller. Not only can the seat reverse, but it can be removed altogether and the chassis can be used as a travel system with the Peg Perego Viaggio. I had the privilege of using the Pliko Switch as a travel system when on holidays and was really impressed with how functional and easy it was to transport around.

To reverse the seat, simply squeeze the small grey levers on either side of the seat and simultaneously press the grey button beside it. You will then be able to simply lift the seat off the chassis and place it back down, ensuring the 'targets' are lined up on the right hand side. The seat can easily recline with a one-handed lever at the back, squeeze and lower or raise the seat to the desired position.

Seat back - 48cm
Clearance to hood - 54cm
Width - 33cm
Seat depth - 24cm
Footwell - 18cm
Weight limit - 15kg seat
20kg toddler step

Grey Lever And Button To Remove Seat From Chassis

Seat Fully Upright

Seat Fully Reclined

Seat Rear Facing

Seat Recline Mechanism

Child safety harness

The harness is a 5 piece design, whereby the shoulder harness piece slots into the waist piece, and then clicks into the crotch buckle. This 5 piece design is fantastic for sleeping babys as they can be placed in or removed from the pram without fiddling with arms in straps.

Harness Buckle Mechanism

Harness Buckle

Shoulder Harness Slots

Hood or Canopy

The canopy is generous and functional, providing a dimmed environment for baby to sleep in whilst still providing plenty of air circulation. The inside of the canopy is pleasantly lined, and the exterior has a peekaboo window with a zipped storage flap.

Canopy Closed

Canopy Partially Open

Canopy Fully Open

Peekaboo Window On Hood

Flap Over Peekaboo Window Closed

Handle design and function

The handles are slightly adjustable with a telescopic feature. To extend the handle press the grey button underneath the handle in whilst simultaneously pulling the handle out to the desired height. The handles are comfortable to use, as expected for an umbrella fold stroller.

Handle upmost height: 104cm
Handle lowest height: 99cm

Handle Height Adjust

Highest Handle Position

Lowest Handle Position


The basket of the Pliko Switch is generous and deep, and quite easily accessible from both sides. When the seat is rear-facing it is also accessible from the front. There is also a hook on the left hand side of the chassis which can be used to hold the cupholder or lightweight shopping bags.

Storage Pocket On Hood Flap

Under Seat Storage Basket


The PlikoSwitch offers a dual brake system, engaged from either side of the rear wheels. To engage the brake press the red brake levers down – to disengage flick them back up again. I found the brakes easy to use and they always responded well.

Brake Engaged

Brake Disengaged

Fold mechanism

The Pliko Swtich can be folded with the seat in both forward and rear facing modes. To fold the PlikoSwitch when the pram is forward facing, it is also best to recline the seat back as far as it will go. Whilst it can be folded with the seat upright, it is far more compact and streamlined if the seat is completely reclined when forward facing. Locate the black lever on either side of the chassis, just underneath the handle bar. Pull each side up towards the handle bar. You should hear the lever 'click' and below the lever you will now see a bright red circle with a white exclamation mark inside it. This indicates that the arm of the stroller is unlocked on that side. I then found it easiest to slightly pull back on the handles, ensuring that the black arm on either side of the stroller chassis is lifted up and away from the silver arm. Locate the black oval handle at the back of the basket and pull it upwards. The pram should collapse in on itself, and when completely closed it should lock into place.

To open again, pull on the black levers on either side of the handle bar and 'kick' the black foot of the chassis. I found this fold to be very easy to use and the pram to be exceptionally compact and portable.

Fold Mechanism


Fold Mechanism


The Pliko Switch is essentially an umbrella stroller, and therefore has two separate handles that do not connect at the top of the stroller. This does make the PlikoSwitch a two-handed push. However, even for a two-handed stroller it really does glide. I have used the Pliko Switch in a variety of settings and whilst it is clearly designed for indoor use, it handled outdoor paving and trips to the park quite well.


The size of the Pliko Switch really does set it apart from other strollers – it is almost in a league of its own! Whilst it provides all the benefits of a full sized pram, with a well padded reversible seat, deep basket, adjustable handles and travel system compatibility, it still offers the benefits of a stroller as it is incredibly lightweight and compact. I think the Pliko Switch is sadly being overlooked by many shoppers – it really does have a lot to offer the modern mum in terms of functionality and practicality.

Folded Dimensions:
51.5cm x 30cm x 98.5cm

Unfolded Dimensions:
56.5cm x 101cm x 85.5cm 


Toddler Seat

The Pliko Switch doesn't have a toddler seat but does offer a built in footboard at the rear of the chassis. I didn't have the opportunity to try this out but it does feel firm and secure to use.


The Pliko Switch comes with a raincover, bootcover and cupholder.

Travel System

The Pliko Switch can be turned into a convenient travel system by adding the Peg Perego Viaggio infant carrier.

Viaggio Attached


I thoroughly enjoyed trialling this beauty of a stroller. It didn't originally appeal to me all that much, but after giving it a shot and trying my baby out in it in a variety of situations and locations, I'm pleased to report that it performed well. Its not the most beautiful of strollers out there, but it outshines a lot when it comes to practalities. A plus for the PlikoSwitch!

The Pros

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible seat
  • Generous basket

The Cons

  • Not the most attractive stroller out there
  • Two-handed steer
  • Generous canopy can sometimes be a bit too 'full' and get in the way