The Mountain Buggy +one is new to Mountain Buggy in 2011 and the brand's first foray into the inline double market. The +one offers classic Mountain Buggy styling, features and quality as a single or an inline with complete versatility, functionality, manoeuvrability and uncompromised safety and performance.

Model Reviewed:One 2011
Overall Rating:
(4.0 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Joss

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Seat design and function

The main seat on the +one has an above average seat back height and a split design so it is taller as a single than in doubles mode to allow the rear child to have better visibility, however this also has allowed for both toddler seats to have the same dimensions which is an uncommon feature in inline buggies. It is not the widest seat I have seen but would comfortably fit the average 4 year old.

As a single the seat has a multi-position strap recline system using two toggles. The recline does require two hands and for the fabric to be folded behind the seat to get the most upright position. To recline or sit the seat back up pull the toggle downwards and adjust to your desired height. The single seat is able to recline to almost flat, slightly above other Mountain Buggy models. In doubles mode the main seat is unable to recline. The second seat is able to be upright and forward facing or in a flat rear facing position which is an uncommon feature in inline buggies.

The +one can be used in several modes:
• Single/storage
• Single travel system
• Newborn/Toddler
• Toddler/Toddler

Single seat dimensions:
Seat Back 55cm/21.5”
Clearance to hood 71cm/ 28”

Width 30cm/11.4”
Seat depth 21cm/8”
Foot well 17cm/6.6” high x 30cm/11.5”

Weight limit 20kg/44lbs

Single Seat In Most Upright Position

Single Seat Partially Reclined.

Child safety harness

The safety harness on the +one is very secure; it features a safety lock consisting of two smaller red buttons that have to be pressed in simultaneously, while unbuckling the harness. This means it really is escape proof for even the trickiest toddler.

The shoulder harness straps have cushioned harness pads and hidden under those pads is a quick release buckle. This makes adding and removing seat liners quick and easy.

Using the twist and adjust feature makes adjusting the harness quick & easy, no more threading through the back of the seat, an excellent feature for parents of children of different ages.

The second seat and main seat have the same harness adjuster and buckle.

Harness Cover And Clip

Harness Buckle

Hood or Canopy

The sun coverage on the +one is fantastic. The hood includes two zip out mesh sections as well as a sun visor and make use of the “Follow the Sun” capabilities. The sun coverage is very impressive and highly flexible.

By attaching to the side of the chassis without guides you are able to adjust the height of the hood to quite a good height.

In doubles mode the follow the sun hood is able to allow you to have direct visibility of your newborn while covering the toddler seat partially or fully. With two toddler riders the visibility for the second seat can be impeded by the hood but also offers excellent sun protection of both riders.

Hood Partly Opened

Visor Out

Centre Mesh Panel Unzipped

Rear Mesh Panel Unzipped

Hood Attachment

Follow The Sun

Handle design and function

The handle height on the +one is impressive in range and height. The stroller overall is tall, and by extending the handle to the highest position it reaches 113cm/44.4”. At the lowest setting it is 77cm/30.3”.

Handle Lowest Setting

Handle Highest Setting


The under seat basket of the +one is an above average size. The accessibility of the basket is average in single mode but is cut into by the additional footwell in toddler/toddler mode.

Mountain Buggy have been innovative with storage by allowing for the double extension area to be utilised for storage when not in use. The double extension area is very generous and allows the pram to carry even large items comfortably. However in so doing the single seat back is reduced and must be kept fully upright. It could be converted to allow for this when out and about quickly though if you kept the support bar in the main basket.

Under Seat Basket

Storage - Empty Double Area. Enourmous & Accesible Space, However Reduces Comfort Of Rider & Removes


The +one has 3x12” pneumatic wheels. The front wheel can be locked into place or allowed to swivel 360 degrees.


The +one’s brake is a lever spanning the rear width of the stroller, it can be easily applied by pushing down or disengaged by flipping up with your foot. I found the brake was easy to apply or release.

When extended to accommodate a newborn as a double the view of the break is obscured but its placement meant I could find it with my foot easily.

Brake Disengaged

Brake Engaged

Fold mechanism

The fold mechanism is a two-lever system at the footplate. To fold ensure the front wheel is unlocked and at the most forward position, then simply move the lock safety guard out of the way and slide the two fold levers either side of the footplate up. The buggy will collapse down and can be secured using the manual lock strap. As with all Mountain Buggies, the +one has a standing fold when you position the handle bar at its highest setting.

For a more compact fold the rear wheels can be removed using the quick release button and the rear width can be reduced to 53cm/21” by retracting the axels as directed in your user manual.

Folded With Wheels Removed

Fold Lock Strap

Fold Mechanism

Single Folded

Double Folded

Standing Fold


The +one performs very well on a variety of terrains. Even loaded up with a combined weight of 20 kilos it was effortless to push outdoors. I used it on a variety of terrains from footpaths, unpaved surfaces and shop floors where the buggy handled all of them very well.

As the main seat becomes the front seat in doubles mode the performance of the +one is not greatly impacted by the positioning of the riders, I was still able to push it one handed with the heavier rider in the front seat and a small infant in the back, although as would be expected it does feel lighter as a single or with the heavier rider in the rear seat.

The +one is longer than a standard three wheel buggy which is noticeable in a small shopping environment however no more so than other double strollers.


Unfolded Dimensions:
Chassis width by length 63cm x 120cm (25” x 47”)
Hood retracted width by length 64cm x 120cm (25” x 47”)

Folded Dimensions:
Width by length by height 63cm x 104cm x 32cm (25" x 40.1" x 12.5”)
Folded Dimensions:
Width by length by height 64cm x 104cm x 32cm (25" x 40.1" x 12.5”)

Seat, wheels, basket and hood on: 13.1kg/28.8lbs

Toddler Seat

Converting the +one to a double stroller involves 9 steps outlined in the user guide, it would be most practical to set the stroller up before setting out rather than part way through your journey however the toddler seat and support bar for the front seat are light and compact and can be carried in the basket until needed if desired. The stroller can be folded in doubles mode, although it is significantly taller and for a car boot it would be advisable to remove the support bar to allow the main seat to fold down.

The design of the main seat is split into 2 sections with the higher section of the seat back coming away from the seat when converted. The lower section of the main seat is flipped forward, a support bar is attached and it is secured with clips. The main seat becomes the front seat & sits at 85 degrees, close to perpendicular from the seat base, thus the seat is not suitable for sleeping. However my 2.5 year old prefers an upright seat and enjoyed how open the view is from this seat. The included bumper bar is
removed in doubles mode.

The rear seat offers 2 positions only, flat with a cocoon in newborn/toddler mode or 85 degrees in a seat for toddler/toddler mode.

In toddler/toddler mode a small footwell is unzipped for the rider of the rear seat. The front and rear seat bases are level with each other & the seat backs are 31cm apart. The second seat includes an adjustable harness. The rear seat does not recline so is not suitable for a sleeping child or infant requiring a mid-level incline.

My 5-month-old infant requires a recline so could only ride in the cocoon for ‘newborn/toddler mode’. Although she prefers a mid-level recline she was very pleased to have a rear facing view and the follow the sun hood allowed us to have an unimpeded view of each other. The rear seat has no built in padding so requires the cocoon to be used, it is soft and warm which was excellent for our testing during winter and can be zipped open in warmer weather but may pose a problem a hot climate’s summer. Although the cocoon is quite large my infant wriggled forwards inside it pressing her head into the back of the toddler seat, and required frequent adjustments.

Second seat dimensions:
Second Seat Back (both seats) 46cm/18”
Front seat clearance to hood 65cm/25.5”
Rear seat clearance to hood 46cm/18”
Seat depth 21cm/8”
Rear foot well 17cm/6.6” high x 24cm/9.5” wide x 9.5cm/3.5” deep

Weight limit 20 kg/44 lbs

Flip Seat Forward

Strap Seat To Bar To Prevent It Falling Forward

Front Seat Ready. It Only Has This Incline

Ready For Second Seat Or Carrycot

Thread Hood From Double Kit Through Hole...

And Onto D Ring Below

Bring Crotch Strap Through Hold

Thread Velcro Under Snapped Seat To Secure Backrest

Unzip Second Seat Footwell

Second Seat Ready To Go

Prepare For Carrycot - Unzip Backrest Extension

Insert Carrycot. The Angle Is Too Great To Do This With A Baby Inside.

View Of Newborn


The +one is generous with its standard inclusions. It comes standard with the second seat, cocoon for newborn and front bumper bar. You can also purchase a sun and storm cover and other Mountain Buggy urban jungle and terrain accessories such as the single car seat adapter, single carrycot, travel bag, freerider stroller board, liners, sleeping bags and parasol (not sold in Australia).

Included Removable Bottle Holder.

Tether Strap


The +one has many great features such as the expansive, flexible hood with small pockets and I was very impressed by its ability to offer both children coverage and visibility. I was especially impressed with a 3-wheel inline offering a rear facing ability for my infant, something uncommon in this market.

The addition of reclines for either or both seats and a simplification of the double conversion would make the +one the perfect inline stroller.

It will meet your families’ stroller needs for many years and is an innovative take on the convertible inline.

The Pros

  • Excellent manoeuvrability even when fully loaded
  • Hood/canopy provides excellent sun coverage
  • Rear facing position for newborns and infants with unimpeded parent view
  • Excellent inclusions with cocoon and second seat standard
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Inline design adapts well to changing family requirements
  • Flexible storage

The Cons

  • Bulky one piece fold
  • Lack of recline settings in doubles mode
  • Reduced legroom for rear rider
  • Time required to convert from one mode to another