The Mima Xari is a stylish pram, designed with elegance in mind. Comfortable for baby and parent alike, the Xari stands tall with two height settings to choose from. With a smooth suede-like exterior and many different colour options, the Mima Xari’s unique appearance is guaranteed to draw attention from one and all.

Strollers and Prams would like to thank Baby Kingdom for providing the Mima Xari and Viaggio adaptors for this review.

Model Reviewed:Xari 2012
Overall Rating:
(4.0 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The seat on the Mima Xari is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is such a unique feature that is amazingly designed. The seat capsule shares chassis locking mechanisms with the bassinette which is stored inside the seat capsule. To access the bassinette, remove the seat from the chassis by pressing the two outer semi-circles along side the seat. I then found it easiest to put the whole seat capsule on the floor as it needs to be unzipped – the dual-zippers run around the entire perimeter of the seat. The bassinette can then be accessed and carefully removed from the seat capsule. I was able to also store the bassinette mattress and apron inside the seat capsule when they were not in use – though keep in mind that this does add to the weight of the seat.

There are two seat heights to choose from. The height can be adjusted by reaching behind the black clips on the chassis – pull the small lever and move the seat up or down the chassis to the desired height.

The bumper bar is a unique design as well – simple but for those whose children enjoy a bumper bar you will certainly appreciate the three angle settings to choose from. The bumper attaches onto the sides of the seat and has two small buttons on each end of the inside of the bumper. These buttons can be pressed down simultaneously and tilted to the desired angle.

The Mima Xari works brilliantly as a travel system in conjunction with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio capsule. Not only is your baby lovely and high, so they can easily spot your face, but the ease of which the Xari pushes makes it perfect for new parents as they get used to going out and about with their new addition. The capsule adaptors are clearly marked with an L & R and simply slide into either side of the chassis. They make a small 'click' sound when they are locked into place. The capsule can simply be threaded onto the adaptors by aligning the centre of the capsule with the spokes of the adaptors. The capsule will also make a small 'click' when it is locked into place. To remove the capsule from the adaptors, squeeze the lever at the top of the back of the capsule - just as you would when removing the capsule from its car-base. The chassis can be folded with the adaptors in place - extremely handy for those busy parents.

Seat back – 46cm/18in
Clearance to hood – 49cm/19in
Width – 31cm/12in
Seat Depth – 19.5cm/7 ¾ in
Footwell – 21cm/8 ¼ in
Weight limit - 17kg

Seat Fully Upright

Seat Partially Reclined

Seat Fully Reclined

Seat Recline Adjuster

Bumper Bar In Lowest Positon

Bumper Bar In Highest Position

Seat Unzipped Showing Bassinette Inside Casing

Seat Casing Open With Bassinette Inside

Seat Casing Unzipped

Empty Seat Casing

Peg Perego Viaggio Capsule

Bassinette Support Lowered

Bassinette Support Secured

Child safety harness

There are two harness heights to choose from. To adjust the height the seat capsule needs to be unzipped and a simple slider can be removed from the inside of the seat capsule. Slide the black piece in the direction of the arrow and move the harness to the height required. Slide the black piece in the opposite direction of the arrow to secure.

The harness buckle is a simple three piece buckle that makes a loud click when secured. It also makes a loud click when it is being removed. This reviewer found that either side of the buckle needed to be depressed in order to remove – not a problem at all though.

Harness Buckle

Two Harness Slot Heights

Hood or Canopy

Like the seat design, the canopy of the Xari is unique. The fabric (if you can call it fabric) is smooth and almost suede-like. The canopy is made of three panels that slide into each other. Each panel has three points where it essentially locks into place, though it is easily slid open and closed by holding the centre of each panel. I found the canopy did not open easily if I only held the uppermost panel, but if I pinched the centre of the top two panels whilst opening they retracted much easier.

The canopy provides ample shade in seat-mode, however in bassinette mode the canopy only covers half of the top of the bassinette. An extra panel would be very helpful.

Canopy Extended

Canopy Retracted

Canopy Extended On Seat

Canopy Retracted On Seat

Hood Release Clip

Handle design and function

The handle is very user friendly and quite grippy. It is on a rotating tilt and can be adjusted to the required height by pressing the two small round buttons on the inside of the handle simultaneously. The Xaris tether strap is moveable, so suitable for left or right handed users.

Highest handle height – 113cm/44.5in
Lowest handle height – 79cm/31in

Handle Lowest Setting

Handle Highest Setting


The Xari has two small storage baskets at the base of the chassis. I found the storage baskets to be a touch on the small side. I could fit the raincover in one basket, and a large water bottle and small teddy in the other. However, I did discover that the opening flap on the rear basket does hold open, so was able to place my large nappy bag inside the gap between the opening of the basket and the pram chassis fairly securely.

Rear Basket

Front Basket

Dual Baskets


The 12” rear foam filled wheels and 10” front foam filled wheels allow the Xari to be an amazingly smooth pram to push. I pushed this pram over all matter of terrain and it remained smooth and steady. The suspension over the front smaller wheels helped tremendously as well.

Front Wheel Locked


The brake is centred at the back of the chassis and is a simple flick down to engage and flick up to disengage. This reviewer discovered that the brake could be disengaged a second way, by slightly pressing down on the brake as if you were engaging it – then pull the pram backwards only an inch or so. This brake system was simple, easy to use and very light to the touch.

Brake Engaged

Brakes Disengaged

Fold mechanism

The two piece fold on the Xari is a must, as the seat unit is fairly heavy on its own – however despite being a two piece fold it is also surprisingly fast as there are no buttons or levers to fold the chassis. To fold the Xari, remove the seat unit by pressing the two semi-circle buttons on either side of the chassis, and lift the seat up off the chassis. To fold the chassis simply lift the handle and the rear and front wheels will collapse in together. To set up the Xari simply flick the front wheels out of the chassis and then click the seat back on in either direction as required.

[Edited to add a tip Mima have sent for folding the pram. Before folding rotate the handle bar in an upright position first. This prevents the handle bar from touching the ground and potentially getting dirty when folding. In the folded standing position it should rest on all four wheels, without the handle bar touching the ground.]

Seat Release Button

Chassis Fold Button

Press Button And Pull To Collapse Chassis

First Position Of Fold

Pull Handle To Collapse Chassis

Chassis Folded


This is what dreams are made of! Well, that’s what my baby thought as she slept sweetly and easily in the Xari. It is an easy one-handed push over all urban and city terrain. It is narrow enough to fit through shopping centre checkouts, manoeuvre through small shops and zippy enough to spin on itself.


The Xari is a tall pram, and with the seat up so high it appears deceivingly large. However, the footprint of the Xari is no more than a standard single pram, easily making its way through checkouts and small boutique stores. I had no problems making my way around town or the shops with this beautiful pram.

Folded Dimensions (height x width x length)
52cm x 62cm x 90cm
20.5in x 24.5in x 35.5in

Unfolded Dimensions (height x width x length)
120cm x 62cm x 80cm
47in x 24.5in x 31.5in

Weight – 14.8kg


The seat pad and bassinette kit for the Xari are sold separately to the chassis, in order for the customer to create the colour combination that they desire. A raincover however is included with the pram. Adaptors to use the Peg Perego Viaggio capsule can also be purchased separately to use the Mima Xari as a travel system.

Peg Perego Viaggio Adaptors


The Mima Xari is an amazing pram. Its unique physique, intuitive fold, inventive encapsulated and integrated bassinette makes for one amazing pram. I wouldn’t say that this pram has it all, as the minimal storage options do let it down, but the manoeuverability, versatility and attractiveness certainly perk it back up into my top-10.

If you are looking for a pram to lug home the groceries, this is not for you. But if you want something stylish enough to cruise cafes, tall enough to share babycinos, and smooth enough to duck into boutique shop-fronts along back cobblestone alleyways, look no further.

The Pros

  • Beautiful attractive looking pram
  • Bassinette easily stored safely
  • Excellent hood coverage in seat mode
  • Intuitive

The Cons

  • Large fold
  • Heavy seat unit
  • Minimal storage options