The Jane Rider pram is hands down the most futuristic pram to hit the market this year. This Spanish beauty features an anodised aluminium chassis, adjustable rear suspension with shock absorber, simple fold and elegant styling, the Rider just seems to tick all the boxes. The Rider also includes a whole host of accessories that would normally be additional purchases; making this pram perfect for the budget-conscious parent.

Model Reviewed:Rider 2012
Overall Rating:
(4.0 out of 5)
Edited By:Sally Marshall
Reviewed By:Ally

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Seat design and function

The seat of the Rider has a lovely suede interior, a wipe-clean exterior, and a soft snug liner, ensuring a comfortable ride for your little one. With an adjustable footrest and swingaway bumper bar, the seat easily performs as well as any parent would require it to. To remove the seat from the chassis, pull the lever on either side of the seat, lifting it up from the chassis. It can be placed back down on the chassis in either forward or rearward facing direction.

The carrycot, or 'Micro' is an excellent addition to the Jane Rider for all those with newborns. Not only is it equally soft and plush for your newbie, it is also super compact and easy to store when travelling or when not in use. Simply pull the toggles on either end of the Micro to collapse it, and lock it into place by folding the side adaptor arms underneath the base.

Seat dimensions:
Seat Back: 48cm
Clearance to Hood: 51cm
Width: 24cm
Seat Depth: 22cm
Footwell: 26cm
Seat Weight Limit: 18kg

Child safety harness

The harness is not height adjustable, yet still manages to offer an impeccable fit. The harness is a 5 point harness connected with 3 buckles and is a standard squeeze-style buckle. It is simple to adjust and provides a good firm fit around the shoulders and waist.

Hood or Canopy

The canopy is one of the things I love most about this luxurious pram. When the canopy is opened up, it is taut and firm, providing excellent sun coverage to your baby. When closed it folds flush onto the seatback without causing any excess canopy to disturb your child. The fabric feels like a soft lycra, which of course sounds awful but feels just divine! Its beautiful and soft, and best of all, wipe-clean!

Handle design and function

So everyone knows by now that I like a good grippy handle, and you will be pleased to know that the Jane Rider passes this test with ease. The foam is grippy without feeling dirty, and comfortable to hold for a length of time. It is also very adjustable with a good range of heights to choose from. To adjust the handle, squeeze the buttons in on either side of the outside of the handle simultaneously, then adjust the lever to the desired position. The handle will make an audible click when it is secure.

Handle Upmost Height - 110cm
Handle Lowest Height - 85cm


Storage is probably the only downfall of the Jane Rider. Whilst the basket is exceptionally easy to access, it is rather small and really can only hold a few small items, perhaps 2 grocery shopping bags at best. Fortunately the small bag hook on the right side of the stroller chassis can carry another bag or two which does help somewhat.


All of the wheels are foam filled with smaller wheels at the front and the larger 10” wheels at the rear. The rear wheels also have shock absorbers and adjustable suspension in order to give your baby the smoothest ride possible. I found the wheels to be exceptionally smooth and cannot fault this pram at all.


The brake is a handbrake style and again is simple to use. To engage the brake simply flick the red lever down – the brake will automatically engage quickly and easily on both rear wheels. To disengaged the brake, squeeze the small red button atop the brake the lever and simultaneously pull the lever back towards the handle. The braking system on the Jane Rider is simple and effective, and most importantly I feel that it is very safe.

Fold mechanism

The Jane Rider can be folded with the seat on in forward facing position or in two pieces – I personally preferred to fold it in two pieces as it made it lighter to put in the car.


To say that the Jane Rider pushes beautifully would be an understatement. It really did glide and I truly am in LOVE with this amazing pram! The suspension and shock absorbers really do make a huge difference in how well this pram performs. I took it everywhere that I take every other review pram/stroller and this one really did outshine them all. Just awesome!


So the Rider isn't exactly a small pram, but it's not supposed to be small. That said, its footprint really is no bigger than any other full-sized pram out on the market, and given everything that the pram features it certainly requires every inch of space that it uses! The seat is lovely and high, so you do feel very close to your baby when they are facing you; and when they are facing out the seat is the perfect height to push up to a table to share a cupcake at your favourite cafe. The Rider truly is the ultimate urban pram.

Folded Dimensions:
62 x 60 x 38cm

Unfolded Dimensions:
85 x 60 x 93cm



Included accessories are:

  • Sun Parasol (UPF 50+/99%+ UVA/UVB)
  • Nappy/Diaper Bag
  • Rain Cover
  • Footmuff Leg Warmer
  • Infant Insert Pram Liner


Overall I am extremely impressed with the Jane Rider. To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure what to expect from this stroller, but I was really blown away at how well designed it is, and how amazing it pushes. My baby was always very comfortable and slept well in this pram and we will be sad to see it go back to its rightful owner!

The Pros

  • Comfortable seat that forward and rear faces

  • Suspension and shock absorbers

  • Handbrake

The Cons

  • Limited basket space

  • Fairly chunky fold